Randhawa’s Wedding

Traditional Elegance: This collection illustrates the many details that made up a beautiful wedding day. From the clothes to the candid moments of joy.

Arushi & Kalvin

Timeless Romance: Arushi and Kalvin’s wedding day was a symphony of joy and love. Every photograph is a testament to their unbreakable bond, immortalizing moments of pure, heartfelt emotion.

Gurkunwal & Jaspreet

Enchanted Union: Gurkunwal & Jaspreet’s wedding radiates splendor. Each photo beautifully intertwines their shared moments of intimacy with the intricate details that made their day uniquely unforgettable.

Gurvinder & Sandeep

Classic Serenity: Gurvinder & Sandeep’s wedding is celebration of timeless love that’s juxtaposed with ethereal moments amidst a tranquil grove.

Sharon & John

Vibrant Joy: Capturing the intricate beauty of the Sharon’s dress and the mesmerizing patterns of her henna, this photoshoot is all about vibrant colors and intimate moments.


Gurkunwal & Jaspreet

Love Takes Flight: Gurkunwal and Jaspreet epitomize classic elegance. Their engagement shoot intertwines the exhilaration of adventure with the profound bond they cherish.

Sharan & Amandeep

Graceful Elegance: Sharan and Amandeep’s engagement radiates sophistication. Every detail, from the exquisite dress to the blooming flowers, paints a picture of refined love and beauty.

Charissa & Kyanith

Modern Love: Charissa and Kyanith’s engagement captures the essence of contemporary romance. Amidst the city’s pulse and the promise of boundless adventures, their love knows no bounds.


Alice & Azzy

This session captures the pure joy and loving bond between mother and son in a shoot filled with laughter and playfulness.


Bathed in soft natural light, playful puppy Arlo comes to life in this photoshoot. Every bound of joy and curiosity is captured.

Cairo’s Birthday

A regal celebration fit for a king. Cairo’s birthday party was a vibrant mix of fun and luxury, beautifully decorated with a royal theme.


Chelsey and Pavan

Like a scene from a romantic movie, this video captures a couple’s love story against Vancouver’s backdrop, elevated by a spectacular drone-shot finale.


Vancouver, BC