About US

I’m Charlene, an artist based in beautiful British Columbia. I grew up in East Africa and at the age of 18 I moved to Vancouver, Canada, where I got my B.A. in Fine Art. Most describe me as a dreamer, traveler & sassy design-head creating art for living. In everything I do, I seek to find meaning and produce at the sweet spot between modernism & sustainability. Through deeper introspection & understanding of every element of a design, I aim to create stories and memories through my photography.

I love having diversity in the type of work I create, which is why I’m happy to capture weddings, couples, families, single creative portraits and commercial and brand work.

My journey from beautiful Tanzania to British Columbia has not only allowed me to further pursue my dream of being an artist, It has allowed me to share the rich vibrancy of African cultures in my new home. My art has always and will always be inspired by my culture.

I’m Raj, a Surrey based photographer and videographer who embarked on a journey from India to Canada in 2013, armed with nothing but a sense of adventure and a burning desire to capture the beauty of the world through a lens. With the “travel fund” that I had saved, took a leap of faith and invested in a used camera, which became my trusted companion on countless expeditions on the streets of Vancouver, through countless walks, chance encounters, and the bustling energy of the city, I developed an intuitive eye for capturing candid moments and transforming them into visual stories that resonate deeply. 

To me photography is a form of time travel—a magical portal that allows me to revisit memories, freeze emotions, and encapsulate fleeting moments that would otherwise slip away. Each photograph serves as a reminder of the passage of time and the importance of cherishing the precious memories we create along the way.

As a wedding photographer I aim to give you the gift of everlasting memories of your special day, the beginning of the rest of your married life. 

Paul Batistini

“Charlene and Raj were both professional, punctual and accommodating with costs. A pleasure to work with during a very special day. Keep up the great work. Thank you!”


Vancouver, BC